Mario Royale brings Battle Royale to the Mushroom Kingdom

Not even the Mario Universe is immune to the Battle Royale phenomenon currently sweeping the world of video games.

Thanks to programmer InfernoPlus, Mario Royale gives up to 99-players the ability to duke it out on a random-generated level of the original Super Mario Bros. game.

Mario Royale is a mix of speed running through levels, along with the gradual elimination of players. All players compete on the same level, but different Marios cannot take each other out.

The objective of each level is to become the first, second or third Mario to reach the finishing flag.

Nintendo is a stickler on modders adding to their work, so it’s expected that Mario Royale will be short lived. However, given that the game has been out just one week – but has been played more than three million times – perhaps Nintendo should take a leaf out of InfernoPlus’ playbook.

Mario Royale has been likened to Fall Guys, a Battle Royale-esque game that puts emphasis on environmental risk other than threats posed by other players.

If you are interested in some battle royale action in your web browser, check out DMCA Royale here.


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