New Year Resolutions Veganuary!!

New Year Resolutions Veganuary!!

New Year Resolutions Veganuary!!

With every year brings new year resolutions, it could be to stop smoking or to join a gym even giving your tech a break. With the ever increasing popularity of the vegan lifestyle this January could be a month when people try the vegan lifestyle.

  • Animals – Animals are not our property, and should not be used for food,
    clothing, research or entertainment.
  • Health – More people are ditching animal products in order to combat specific health problems. Others report general improvements in energy and vitality, and exclaim that they’ve ‘never felt better’.
  • Environment – This is because eating a plant-based diet can cut our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution and water usage, prevent deforestation and save wild animals from extinction.
  • Nutrition – New and transitioning vegans every day are enjoying experimenting with food, discovering new ingredients and introducing these meals to their family and friends.

Whatever your reasons for starting veganuary there is plenty of support out there to help you in January and the rest of the year.

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