Plastic Nation

Plastic Nation

We are all aware of the plastic in various parts of our lives are becoming an increasing issue world wide.

With Christmas season approaching us there has been an increase in the plastic waste being used in crackers, these are the “fun” toys that have a 5 minute attention span and then are just chucked away.

Dunelm have released a cracker set that is made from 100% recycled and the gift inside is an origami character which has to be made so should last longer then 5 minutes and probably longer in my case!

Plastic Nation

Did you know that there is even plastic in kitchen rolls/paper towels. So there are alternatives becoming available that will move people away from this  unsustainable living.

Such products are Unpaper Rolls are an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, made from absorbant 100% cotton. They are attached to each other with easy-release poppers and fit on your existing paper roll holders. Absorbant, machine washable and eco-friendly… A really easy change to make.

The improvements in our society in reducing plastic waste has been seen across the UK in recent years with the introduction of the tax on plastic bags at every major supermarket.

Plastic Nation

Plastic bag sales in England halved in past year

Plastic bags sales by the biggest supermarkets in England have halved in the last year, government data shows.

Asda, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, the Co-op, Tesco and Waitrose sold 549 million single-use plastic bags in 2018-19, down from one billion in the previous year.

Since 2015, when a 5p charge was introduced to tackle plastic pollution, the number being used is down by 90%.

Customers now buy, on average, 10 bags a year compared to 140 bags in 2014.

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers said the figures were “a powerful demonstration that we are collectively calling time on being a throwaway society.”

In conclusion

These and many other reasons are why we are involved in providing sustainable goods for everyone to have, things are changing but more does need to be done.

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