Steam Sale Starts Today!

Steam Sale Starts Today!

The much-awaited winter Steam Sale will be live today on the 19th of December, and gamers are gearing up for the event. The Steam Sale is a massive event where most of the games available on Steam have massive price cuts. The winter steam sale will start today at 18:00 GMT and will run until January 2, 2020.

Even though we witnessed Black Friday sale just a month back, Valve is showering gamers with another steam sale. Expect a discount on most of the games available on Steam. These discounts are not fixed and vary from game to game.

Steam Sale Starts Today!

Like every Steam sale, this year’s sale will also follow a specific theme. However, Valve has revealed no details about this year’s theme or the games that will go on sale. Unlike previous years where Valve did several promotions before the sale, Valve has been very low key when it comes to Steam sale this year.

As the year is coming to an end, Valve will also hold the annual Steam Awards along with the Steam Sale. There eight categories this year, four of which are new this year. The voting phase will go live as soon as Steam Sale begins.

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