World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Preview (PC)

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary CE PC DVD

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary CE Preview (PC DVD)

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Preview (PC)

World of Warcraft turns 15 this year, and Blizzard is celebrating in a few different ways. One of those is the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, coming this summer, for those who want to experience WoW in its original flavour. But for fans of the popular MMORPG as a whole, the company is also releasing an anniversary Collector’s Edition filled with goodies.

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary CE Preview (PC DVD)

The CE launches on October 8th. The bonus items include a pair of special mounts, fine art prints, a mouse pad with a map of Azeroth, and an Onyxia pin. The centerpiece of the collection is a large black-and-gold colored statue of Ragnaros.

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary CE Preview (PC DVD)

Meanwhile, Blizzard also announced that WoW Classic will launch on August 27. You may actually get a chance to try it before then, though, as a closed beta is set to begin on May 15. It will also be running a series of stress tests through July. You can sign up to participate through the official site. If you’re already a WoW subscriber, you’ll get access to Classic as well.

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary CE Preview (PC DVD)

Classic rewinds the clock to World of Warcraft as it existed as of the 1.12 update. It also includes some under-the-hood modern conveniences like social features and modern server infrastructure.

Product Description


Celebrate your part in the online community that changed the course of gaming history. This limited-edition collector’s set contains a trove of collectible items to commemorate World of Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary.

RAGNAROS STATUE – Behold Ragnaros, he who was ancient when this world was young! Bow, mortals, before this 10+ inch immortalization of the Firelord himself.

ONYXIA PIN – Add to your pin collection and adorn your home with the head of Onyxia, Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight.

MAP OF AZEROTH MOUSE PAD – Gaze upon the realms your character has explored these past 15 years while you prepare for the next adventure.

FINE ART PRINTS – Reach into Azeroth’s vivid past with this selection of frameable fine art prints.

30 DAYS OF GAME TIME- Return to Azeroth with 30 days of game time to aid you on your next adventure.

ALABASTER MOUNTS- Take to the skies with these sculpted beasts

ALABASTER STORMTALON – For Alliance characters

ALABASTER THUNDERWING – For Horde characters

Release Date 08.10.19

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